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Paparazzi For Hire Nationwide

The setting is set. The paparazzi are waiting for you. Choose from 2 -4 Paparazzi waiting for you and your guest as you arrive. The Paparazzi will be yelling your name, asking you for autographs, asking who your with, what your wearing, and who you are looking forward to meeting most. We will get some information about your event ahead of time, so that we can gear most of our questions towards it. Don’t be shy, the Paparazzi will be in your face taking multi photos at once. The Paparazzi take Real Photos, they are Real Photographer, and they act like Real Paparazzi. Hire the paparazzi for your next event or night out on the town and prepare to be a celebrity for day!

Everyone Feels
Like a Star when
Hiring the Paparazzi

Hire the Paparazzi is the perfect company to turn your event into something extra special by just adding a few paparazzi photographers and a red carpet. Paparazzi For Hire and your event will be the talk of the town. Paparazzi for Hire takes every event nationwide into a Hollywood Star Studded Event. Give your event the Red carpet Treatment and have your guest talking about how they felt like a star the entire night. Hire the Paparazzi Nationwide and  have everyone talking about it the next day.



Paparazzi for Hire for Your Next Event

It’s not a Party unless its a Party with the Paparazzi. Hiring the Paparazzi makes every event spectacular. Paparazzi can be used with all types of events and Nights on the Town. Book Your Holiday Party, Corporate Event, Sweet 16, Mitzvah, Night on the Town, Anniversary, Birthday Party, Red Carpet Event,  Class Reunion, Prom, and so much more.


Spotlight is Now.
How Will You Handle the Paparazzi

Rent your next Red Carpet Rental from PMZ Paparazzi. Red carpet rentals instantly turn any event into a Hollywood Premiere event. Your guest will feel like stars and start smiling from the first instant they step foot on it. Let your guest strut their stuff at your next event. Red carpet rentals should be ordered 9 business days before your event. We would like to have your rental delivered to you 3 days before your event. You have up to 5 days to mail your Red Carpet Rental back with supplied return label.



Red Carpet Rental Store

Every event should have a red carpet entrance. A red carpet adds extra star power to each and every guest who walks it. Upgrade your event today by just adding that one small extra touch, a red carpet rental. make your guest feel like stars today. Rent a red carpet rental for your next event.


The Time is
Yours. Enjoy it
With The Paparazzi

Step & Repeats Backdrops are the perfect addition to get those great posed photographs thru-out your event. Some their Custom Step & Repeat Backdrop at the end of a red carpet entrance, others use it like a photo booth thru-out the night allowing you to dress up and pose. Because they are custom Step & Repeat Backdrops, it belongs to you. Have your guest sign it and go home with the biggest thank you card ever. Every Step & Repeat Backdrop is custom made you tour liking. You choose the size of the Custom Step & Repeat Backdrop and send us your logo. Your logo must be hi-res and and emailed to us after payment has been made.



Step and Repeat Backdrops

All of our backdrops are custom made. This means we make them to order. We add your logo, photos, or text to the backdrop to make it a custom step and repeat backdrop just for you. A backdrop is a great addition to your event and makes a perfect opportunity to get your guest to have a photo opportunity. A custom step and repeat backdrop also makes a great gift card at the end of your event by having your guest sign it before leaving.



Photos & Red Carpet are included with every Paparazzi Package. Paparazzi turn every event into a Hollywood Themed Party.

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